Sell On Boutique

If you are running boutique or selling from home & you need various prints to show to your customers than you are on the right place .We have a special offer to all boutique owners :-

  1. We provide single pieces in assorted styles in different sizes so that you can have maximum designs in less Inventory cost. So, no need of buying sets.

  2.  We provide 90 days replacement of left out stock purchased from us. The old designs will be replaced with new styles.

  3. We provide assorted fabrics in less quantity at very reasonable price since they are of no use for us but you can create designer pieces from them.

  4. If you give us minimum required quantity order we can produce styles as per your choice.

  5. We welcome new design ideas from boutique owners & if we like your design & produce goods in them we will pay for your design.

Don’t waste time please contact us !